Trial Purchase and Testing


Among our services, inspection purchases and testing are included, which we conduct with high expertise and comprehensive, multi-year experience.

During trial purchases, our experts simulate a real shopping situation at a given store or service provider to thoroughly assess service, product quality, and overall shopping experience.

Following the evaluation of inspection purchases, you receive a comprehensive overview of the company’s employees’ work, uncovering errors and deficiencies worth addressing through improvements.

We analyze and test the company’s employees’ work professionally!

Trial purchases are an extremely useful tool for companies, allowing evaluation of employees such as salespeople, counter staff, and customer service representatives, and providing an accurate picture of product and service quality.

Advantages of trial purchases include:

  • Obtaining real feedback and authentic experiences
  • Easily uncovering hidden problems
  • Authentically evaluating employees’ work

Information gathered during testing offers significant assistance in innovation and various developments affecting products, services, or customer service.

Inspection purchases reveal how customer needs can be better met, thereby increasing satisfaction, trust, and commitment to the company. During these inspections, it is easy to identify employees who are not performing adequately, negligently, or inattentively, damaging the company’s image.

Don’t leave customer service to chance – quality is a competitive advantage!

Companies that regularly employ trial purchases with expert involvement are generally better prepared for market changes and more competitive. They can quickly respond to customer needs based on precise feedback, enhancing long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sharing trial purchase experiences is a crucial step in the process, as all involved parties must be informed of conclusions, lessons learned, and recommendations. Detailed expert reports containing observations, evaluations, and suggestions should be disseminated through training sessions, workshops, or to other company leaders and employees.

The trial purchase process typically includes the following steps:

  • Setting objectives
  • Selecting testers
  • Developing shopping scenarios
  • Conducting trial purchases
  • Collecting and analyzing data

Inspection purchases also involve collecting customer opinions. Understanding these opinions allows for a deeper insight into their satisfaction – or dissatisfaction – serving as a basis for innovations and improvements.

Trial purchases can be used to check not only your own company

Inspection purchases can also function as reliability tests, not only within our own company but also as part of market research and competitiveness analyses conducted at other companies, such as business partners or competitors.

Here are a few specific areas that can be uncovered:

  • Speed and efficiency of customer service
  • Quality of products and services
  • Competitiveness of prices and effectiveness of promotions
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
  • Competitiveness

With our high expertise and multi-year experience, our professionals professionally conduct inspection purchases, testing, and, if necessary, collect customer opinions. We assist you in obtaining an authentic and comprehensive view of product, service, and service quality, thereby enhancing your company’s competitiveness.