Comprehensive Debt Collection and Receivables Management Solutions

debt collection

Our services include the comprehensive management of debt collection and accounts receivable.


In the business world, sales transactions occur daily. Unfortunately, however, customers do not always settle their invoices as expected. If it’s not just a minor delay, but the debts remain outstanding for months or even years, and the parties involved still do not want to or cannot pay, then more serious measures are needed, and it becomes justified to initiate the debt collection process. This process has its own legal and economic aspects and conditions, which you, as a director or executive, must be fully aware of.

Our work involves examining whether the outstanding debt or claims are indeed legitimate, and whether the company has taken the necessary steps in such cases. For example, if the debtor does not respond to a written request. We conduct a comprehensive check to then help decide on the next steps.

Debt collection is always a sensitive topic, as many companies feel that despite their efforts, the debtor will not settle their debt.


However, we can still help even when the situation seems hopeless.


Our team includes highly skilled and experienced debt collectors who have proven their competence in debt collection and claim management on numerous occasions.

The first step is always a thorough investigation to determine whether the debtor company is deliberately avoiding payment, or if there are financial difficulties or insolvency in the background, or if there has already been a court hearing, out-of-court settlement, if the contract was properly concluded, or if the court has already placed the case under execution. Determining this is important because it defines the next steps and debt collection methods.

During debt collection, we always strive to settle customer debts peacefully whenever possible. In the case of an outstanding legitimate claim, we also provide economic, legal, and practical advice to help our clients go through the procedures associated with debt collection and ultimately receive what they are entitled to.

We assist in initiating and fully implementing various official procedures.

Of course, debt collection may become impossible for some reason. In this case, we always develop alternative solutions tailored to the specific case, which procedure allows for the recovery or reduction of the outstanding financial debt. In our work, we only resort to legal debt collection tools and methods, and we create the conditions for settling legitimate debts using the data and information we obtain.


You can also entrust us with the professional management of large volumes of receivables, and we will handle its legal, economic, and administrative tasks.


We also take on individual cases, and if necessary, we involve legal and economic consultants in the work for companies, who contribute to the success of the debt collection case with their expertise and experience.

If you are a company director or executive, it is your duty to ensure that debt collection is successful and that legal proceedings are initiated as soon as possible at the beginning of the collection process. After all, outstanding money also belongs to the company’s assets, and if you do not pay enough attention to their collection, you harm your own business. In severe cases, an indifferent attitude can lead to loss and financial bankruptcy.

Every client’s problem is important to our company. Don’t wait with debt collection! Contact us, call us by phone, or visit us in our Budapest office after making an appointment.



Don’t let them deprive you of the wealth that belongs to you and your company! Entrust us with the difficulties of debt collection, and we guarantee that you will be better off than if you remain inactive!

Our company offers a quick and efficient solution for the prompt collection of your debt. All you need to do is get in touch with us as soon as possible, as time is on the side of the non-paying party. We confidently recommend our debt collection service to both individuals and companies.

We quickly find the solution that allows you to recover your money, which legally belongs to you, as soon as possible. We personally guarantee the best possible outcome, as we do everything in our power to close the case promptly.

Debt collection is one of our specialties, where we provide assistance with legal help and efficient, legal methods to help you get your money.