Private Investigator Prices at X-Rock – How to Calculate?

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There can be numerous reasons why you decide to hire a reliable private investigator who can help ensure the smooth operation of your company or business.

For instance, when you hire a new employee or want to do business with a potential partner, it may be necessary to thoroughly check the person’s background.

This is especially true when it comes to important positions that involve tasks you would only entrust to a person with the appropriate professional skills.

In important business matters, a lot can be at stake, so it can also be essential to find out who you will be collaborating with. In such cases, it’s better to be safe and hire an experienced private investigator to help vet the named individuals.

What does the cost of private investigation depend on?

Since the formation of private investigator prices primarily depends on the exact type of investigation, we always provide a unique quote for each case. We can only give an accurate price when we know all the details of the assignment.

It also matters whether the observation of one or more persons is necessary to fulfill the assignment, what kind of data needs to be collected, and how much time and work the search for this data requires. Moreover, it counts whether the investigation needs to be conducted in Budapest, in the countryside, or at a foreign location.

In the latter case, an important aspect is also how far the investigator has to travel and whether they need accommodation during their stay.

In some cases, a lawyer may also be involved, for example, when investigating matters related to asset distribution or debt collection. Of course, these are just a few selected details, as no two cases are the same, each case requires individual consideration.

Of course, we clarify approximately what total amount you can expect for the investigation before starting it. During a consultation, we discuss all the important details that influence the final fee, so the final amount we will invoice after making the decision is predictable in advance.

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How much does a private investigation cost?

In general, it can be said that in Hungary in 2023, prices start from 25,000 – 30,000 HUF/hour and vary upwards depending on the complexity of the task. Since every case is unique, we can only give a specific price after a complex understanding of the problem.

With us, the fee for the preliminary personal consultation is 40,000 forints for the first hour, but if the consultation lasts longer, 20,000 forints will be charged for each hour started. The price includes the presence of a lawyer if necessary.

If an agreement is reached, this amount will be included in the fee for the private investigation. During the consultation, the details of the case are revealed to get an accurate picture of the private investigative task to be performed.

It’s worth preparing for comprehensive questions so that we can get as detailed a picture as possible of the background of the case, which includes all information and circumstances that could be important to the slightest extent. Based on this data, we will prepare a price calculation so that you can make a final decision and it will be clear how much the investigative work will cost.

Knowing the preliminary calculation, you can decide whether you want to use our service.

In the case of longer investigative work, it may also be necessary to pay a deposit as a guarantee. The amount of this is also very variable depending on exactly what task is at hand and how much time is foreseeable to close the case and obtain the evidence.


What does the private investigator’s fee include?

The price includes the fee of the private investigator with many years of experience or, in the case of group work, the investigators, as well as all tasks and costs that may be necessary to carry out the investigative activity.

This includes consultation, the specialist’s travel to the location, the fee of the investigator and his colleagues, and other costs incurred. The written report on this, i.e., the minutes, and if this is also mentioned in the agreement, then the acquisition and presentation of evidence supporting the facts – photos, documents, or other data.

If legal support is needed, for example, in the form of advice or representation, the total amount also includes the participation of a lawyer or attorney.

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