X-Rock Private Detective Agency – Business Intelligence, Private Investigation in Budapest.

Our company specializes in private investigations, business intelligence, and countermeasures, as well as providing comprehensive advice on security, legal, and economic matters.


Among the services our private detective agency provides during private investigation tasks are:

  • Surveillance of partners, and
  • Locating and finding missing persons.

These are the two most important cases in which clients request our assistance during a private investigation.

    In the case of business investigations:

    • Comprehensive vetting of prospective business partners and companies,
    • Vetting of colleagues in senior and middle management positions before hiring,
    • Checking services and conducting mystery shopping,
    • Debt collection and claims management, and
    • Assistance and support in building business relationships,
    • Business intelligence.

    We assist our clients in making the best possible strategic and operational decisions, assessing and mitigating risks that affect their operations, and ultimately, achieving the goals outlined in their business plans.

    Over the years, the X-Rock team of professional private investigators has gained extensive experience in analyzing data, examining target individuals and companies, and gathering necessary information. We utilize professional, 100% legal tools that comply with current GDPR regulations in our work.

    We handle your call with discretion.

    We have several decades of experience.

    X-Rock Private Detective Agency – We Solve Your Problem


    We offer personalized solutions for every client, guaranteeing results for their specific case. We operate using well-established methods, but if necessary, we adapt flexibly to evolving situations and solve existing problems creatively. If you’re looking for a business private detective agency, the X-Rock team undertakes the execution of the task at hand with comprehensive management during the investigation.


    Our team members possess high expertise and many years of experience.


    We work as a team, where everyone performs tasks according to their area of expertise to ensure success during the private investigation process. We meticulously analyze and evaluate the information entrusted to us, then plan the special security, economic, and legal ‘scenario’ based on this. We have outstanding knowledge in conducting environmental studies and discreet data collection. In our work, we always strive for effectiveness, while keeping maximum discretion in mind.


    Our expert team is more than just a private detective agency, because we also understand business.


    “Based on the data provided or researched by us, we offer comprehensive consultation to the companies that approach us, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether it’s security, legal, or economic issues, we help find the right answers and make the most appropriate decisions, effectively supporting the operation and development of your business.

    If you require our services, please contact us. We strive to connect with you as soon as possible to discuss all important details, so we can commence our collaboration promptly.

    In today’s world, nothing is certain! Entrust us with the tasks of vetting, checking, and data collection – we will help uncover the truth! Approach us with confidence! Discretion and reliability are our guiding principles. Rest assured that we will carry out the given task with the utmost care.

    Whether you approach us for professional or personal matters during a private investigation, we guarantee confidential data handling and, of course, we always proceed with the utmost care in the discreet handling of information, evidence, and other data. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can assist in solving your problem.