Internet Scam Detection

internetes csalás

The X-Rock Private Investigation Agency is proud to announce its latest service, focusing on detecting internet scams.

Vetting Investment Opportunities


In today’s digital age, as the online world has become accessible to everyone, fraudsters specialized in scams are increasingly trying to deceive people looking to invest their savings.

During such scams, they promise extremely high returns on investment. They showcase a few genuine participants who indeed withdrew money at the beginning of the scam, and they mix in some plausible-sounding economic fiction. This creates a “fear of missing out” feeling in the potential victim.

Here are some common investment scam methods:


  • Auctioned properties: Promise of direct access.
  • Major projects: For instance, promises of entry into the “Chinese-Hungarian railway” or the PAKS-2 project.
  • Crypto investments: Various offers that often sound “too good to be true.”
  • Promise of access to gold investment notes on international stock markets.

Dating App Scams


In these scams, perpetrators create fake profiles and attempt to establish a trusting relationship with unsuspecting users.

Their most common goal is to defraud victims of money using various pretexts, such as unexpected urgent situations requiring financial assistance. Manipulating emotions and obtaining personal information can also be frequent objectives.


Why choose X-Rock Private Detective Agency?


Our private detective agency undertakes the verification of the “investment” opportunity offered to you before you risk losing your savings to a well-constructed scam.

Our colleagues are well-acquainted with the vast majority of domestic perpetrators and the numerous methods they employ. Thus, we can protect you from becoming a victim. It’s better to prevent trouble than to chase after lost money afterward.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How much does the service cost?

Prices vary depending on the depth of the investigation requested by the client. We provide a customized quote for each case, tailored to specific needs and circumstances.

How long will it take to get results?

The duration of the investigation can vary, but we typically provide an interim report within 5-10 business days. In certain cases, where more in-depth research is required, this period may be extended.

How do you ensure the security of the information?

X-Rock Detective Agency places a high emphasis on protecting our clients’ data. All information is treated confidentially and is never shared with third parties.

What happens if the investment turns out to be genuine and not a scam?

If our investigation reveals that the investment opportunity is genuine and legitimate, we will inform the client and provide advice on the next steps to take.

Do you offer vetting services for foreign investments?

Yes, in collaboration with our international partners, we also undertake the vetting of foreign investment opportunities.