Employee Screening

employee screening

Our services include the comprehensive vetting of colleagues in senior and middle management positions who are about to be hired.


Directorial, executive, and group leader positions are roles that come with great responsibility. Not everyone is suitable to fill these positions, but due to high salaries, they represent an attractive alternative for many. The employer can verify the correctness of their decision through vetting.


Entrust us with the vetting of individuals deemed suitable, so you can be sure you are making a good decision when you hire them for your company!


We undertake the complex verification of the details written in the CV, the examination of marital status and completed studies, the verification of references and former employers, and the examination of appearances on social media.

With the information we investigate and gather, the risk associated with hiring new people can be minimized.

In addition, our work extends to the examination of the lifestyle of the individuals concerned. We examine financial circumstances and ways of spending free time, and we monitor if there is any reason that could thwart the hiring.

This includes conspicuous overspending, inappropriate behavioral and attitudinal characteristics, or questionable social and possibly underworld connections. We pay special attention to uncovering the possibility of influence, to precisely identify who and to what extent can influence the individual.

This information reveals a lot about whether the person is capable of properly performing the tasks entrusted to them, and whether their personality and moral beliefs are in line with the company’s principles and business policy. Beyond this, the activities, habits, and lifestyle characteristics of the target person also shed light on whether there is a risk that they will behave detrimentally to the employer under the influence of opposing business parties. One of the most typical forms of this is blackmail, after the person has gained access to confidential information.

Hiring a new person always carries risks, as you cannot know if you can trust them.


They may have a very convincing resume and perform well in the job interview, but this does not guarantee their integrity. To get a clear picture of the person you want to hire, you need to uncover in detail whether there is truth behind their claims, or if they are just beautifully packaged lies. This task can only be performed by a professional team of experts.

Once the designated person is hired, special attention must be paid to them during the probation period. This is the time of proof.

  • Are they really suitable for the position they are intended for?
  • Can they meet the criteria?
  • Do they do their job to the expected quality?
  • Are they reliable enough to be entrusted with insider information, data that forms part of the business secret?
  • If they received a favorable offer to oppose the company’s interests and harm the employer with their behavior, would they refuse?

You will get answers to all these burning questions if you entrust us with the execution of the audit.

Employee vetting can mean the future of your company

Our work extends to the full examination and investigation of the person who has already been hired.


This also includes putting the person in an artificial life situation, agreed in advance with the employer, where the person’s loyalty to the employer can be clearly examined.

After this, it becomes clear whether the target person is reliable enough to continue to fill their job or if they need to be held accountable and removed from the company.

As an influential person, it is also part of your job to protect your assets, corporate and personal interests.

A new executive or director, to whom you give a lot of power, can easily abuse your trust. Therefore, before hiring, they need to be thoroughly vetted and during the probation period, their work, behavior, and relationship with others must be observed. If necessary, they should be put in a situation where it is beyond doubt whether they can withstand the test of trust.

Entrust us with the task, we are better than a private investigator!

We not only deal with data collection and information gathering, but we also provide advice on security, legal, and economic issues if needed.