About Us

We understand that entrusting sensitive matters to someone is not easy.

As the founder of X-Rock Private Detective Agency, I, along with my highly trained and experienced colleagues, offer a helping hand so you don’t have to face your problems alone.

Our expertise is at your service!

Our company helps solve the most difficult, opaque, and complex problems of individuals and businesses, preventing major personal and financial mistakes.

Our team of highly trained and experienced investigators, as well as legal and business experts, use their exceptional expertise in all areas of investigation to unravel problems, from finding missing persons to debt management and corporate fraud.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of our clients, and we always work with the utmost discretion to ensure the protection of business and private life.

If you need help solving a problem, contact us today and let us put our expertise at your service.

Our team’s expertise encompasses 160 years of experience.

A few words about the founder, Zalán Doór:


  • I graduated from the Police Officer College in 2006 with a degree in criminal studies, then worked as a detective in the Angyalföld district.
  • Not long after, I moved towards the operational field, and in 2013, I continued my operational work at the Robbery Subdivision of the Criminal Division of the National Police Headquarters in Pest County, significantly contributing to the capture of L.GY.
  • As a recognition of this investigation, I received the national chief of police award and was transferred to the defense service, which is essentially the “internal defense” of the law enforcement agencies. I spent two years there, then carried out reconnaissance activities in the so-called “Balkan Route” countries at another organizational unit.
  • Between 2018-2019, I worked at the Criminal Directorate of the National Tax and Customs Administration, then I retired to apply my knowledge and experience in the private and business sectors.
  • During my service, I received several leadership recognitions, including the national chief of police award twice.
  • After continuous operational and psychological training, I successfully completed the hostage negotiation training with the approval of the FBI ILEA instructors.
  • Following all these, I also successfully completed the National University of Public Service’s MSc program in national security expertise.
  • Alongside my service, I also mentored at the Police Officer College and the National University of Public Service as a guest lecturer on interrogation tactics for 12 years.

In the X-Rock projects, we collaborate with several colleagues who are highly qualified at the highest level. We jointly carry out tasks in legal, business, counterintelligence and investigative fields, taking into account the highest quality and efficiency criteria.