Screening of Clients and Partners

customer and partner due diligence


Our company’s key activity is the comprehensive vetting of prospective business partners.


In the world of business, new agreements and deals are made every day in the hope of creating a situation that is beneficial for both parties. However, money is a powerful motivator. Many people are willing to lie, cheat, and steal for profit. If life brings you into contact with such a business partner, it can pose many dangers.


Entrust us with the vetting of your prospective business partners to shed light on all hidden secrets and to be fully aware of who you are making a deal with!


We undertake the vetting of prospective business partners and companies, checking the ownership-management circle, examining their financial background before making the deal. From the data we reveal and collect, we write a detailed opinion, which reveals how reliable the examined individual or business is. With the completion of the full company audit, the risk becomes calculable, and with this knowledge, you can make a much more advantageous decision.

Among other things, we:

  • Examine whether the business partner is a real person.
  • In the case of a company, check whether its data are real and whether it is currently operating.
  • Reveal the entire customer and supplier circle during our work.
  • Observe the business morality demonstrated in business life, which can also play a decisive role when finalizing the agreement.


Don’t let yourself be deceived, cheated, or misled!


It may be that you hear a lot of good things about the person and that their appearance and behavior inspire confidence. However, this may just be an illusion. If you want to see behind things, if you want to know if what you think is true, if you want to go for sure instead of assumptions, then we are here to help!

Even if the agreement has already been made, you cannot be completely sure that the business partner is doing their job according to the promise.

  • Are they really able to produce a consistent quality?
  • Do they achieve the set goals?
  • Do they follow the rules set by the company?
  • Do they allow an acceptable price margin?

These all remain unanswered questions until a team of experts discreetly investigates and finds out the truth.

You can entrust us with the vetting of your existing business partners, checking the services they provide along with the execution of test purchases. After completing our work, we report in detail on what we have experienced, of course, we also provide credible evidence. With the information in hand, you can be completely sure whether you made a good decision when you trusted your business partner, or whether intervening measures are needed..

During our work, we examine whether the business partner complies with the rules and whether they provide services of the appropriate quality.

We observe whether customer service and complaint handling are carried out according to the regulations. In addition to this, we collect all the data and information you are curious about regarding the work and performance of the new business partner.

You can entrust these tasks to us with peace of mind, we work with a professional team, professional tools, and professional methods.

If we take on a case, you can be sure that we provide results and you will find out everything you are curious about.

We do all this while maintaining maximum discretion, keeping your reputation and personal rights in mind while doing our work.

There are many risks in the business world. Admit it, the thought of hiring a private investigator has crossed your mind more than once. This is perfectly okay, as an entrepreneur you also want to be sure, you want to protect your wealth, reputation, livelihood, and corporate/personal interests from those who would exploit your good faith. However, to do this, it is important to become aware of certain data and information that only a team of experts can shed light on.