Company Investigation and Information Gathering

Cégvizsgálat és információgyűjtés

Company Information Retrieval

Do you know what advantages you might miss out on if your business doesn’t have up-to-date company information? What could happen if you don’t accurately understand market changes and competitor activities?

Let us help you obtain and interpret the essential information necessary for planning and developing the future of your business. Don’t let uncertainty and loss of competitive edge influence your decisions! Our goal is to assist you in establishing a solid foundation for your business in the market competition.

Our expertise includes company investigation and information gathering, which play a crucial role in business decision-making.

With our high-level expertise and experience, we provide quick and efficient assistance in:

  • obtaining company information,
  • compiling company histories, and
  • detecting phantom companies.

By entrusting our expert team with the review of your competitors and clients, we guarantee access to all essential information necessary for making informed business decisions.

Make informed decisions with the right company information!

For business leaders, acquiring up-to-date and reliable company information is crucial for several reasons. Understanding details about companies operating in the market—whether they are potential partners or competitors—is vital to gaining insight into market dynamics and assessing your own company’s strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this data, areas for improvement and potential opportunities become clearer.

It’s imperative that there be no doubt about the reliability of company information, as only current and 100% accurate data holds value.

Stay informed about market changes and potential risks!

Our experts help determine how much of a threat a particular company poses to your operations, whether it affects your market share, or could cause significant financial damage. The emergence of new competitors in the market can lead to various consequences that require timely preparation.

Free sources of company information, such as databases from the tax office or business courts, and publicly available company information systems (Opten, e-cegjegyzek.hu), often do not provide sufficient detail. Why bother with various methods of acquiring company information when you can quickly and conveniently access the data you need?

Our expertly conducted competitor analysis provides accurate data on the current competitive landscape, identifying market players who are your competitors or could potentially become competitors. This allows you to take timely steps to gain a competitive advantage.

The timeliness and reliability of the company information we uncover are guaranteed by our expert team.

Potential business partners, as well as competitors, can pose risks.

Compilation of Company Histories

There are numerous companies on the market—suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, etc.—with whom it may be worth cooperating. However, before entering into official agreements, it is crucial to thoroughly examine potential partners and compile their company histories.

During the compilation of company histories, our experts conduct a detailed examination of a company’s past, present, and future. They answer questions such as:

  • When and under what circumstances was the company founded, and who were the founders?
  • What changes have occurred in the ownership and management structure?
  • What successes and achievements has the company had?
  • How has it financially performed in recent years?

The importance of company histories is unquestionable, as researching them helps avoid risks and problems that could potentially jeopardize the company’s success and stability. It prevents entering into agreements with unreliable partners who may not fulfill financial obligations, thereby causing significant financial losses.

Be aware of whom you enter into contracts with!

The compilation of company histories requires precise and thorough work, which only skilled professionals can effectively carry out. You can trust us to handle this task meticulously and unearth all crucial information!

The steps involved in compiling company histories include:

  • Collecting company data: directory, company register, founding documents,
  • Gathering financial data: annual reports, balance sheets, accounting records,
  • Collecting legal documents: litigation, legal disputes,
  • Gathering market and competitor data: market analyses, competitor research.

With the collected data in hand, a comprehensive analysis is prepared that covers every detail of the company’s market position, financial situation, and compliance with regulations.

Detection of Phantom Companies

Helping you avoid the harmful effects of phantom companies!

Common characteristics of phantom companies include appearing to exist but not engaging in actual economic activities. These pseudo-enterprises are often used for illegal or unethical purposes such as money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, or other financial crimes.

Recognizing phantom companies is crucial for every business leader to prevent unintentionally becoming involved in criminal activities by entering into business relationships with them. Operating with shell companies can lead to severe fines, compensation claims, and even suspension or revocation of business licenses.

Count on our expert team’s knowledge and experience not only in company information gathering and compiling company histories, but also in detecting phantom companies. Take advantage of this opportunity!