Inspecting Business Partners and Relationships

Üzleti partnerek és kapcsolatok ellenőrzése

Have you ever wondered about the risks you take by not knowing the exact background of your business partners? What if you make decisions based on incomplete information, which could lead to serious consequences later on?

You can count on our experts to assist you, whether your goal is checking business partners and relationships or detecting strawmen engaged in illegal activities.

With our team of experts’ high-level expertise and extensive experience, we provide swift and effective support for checking business partners and relationships and detecting strawmen.

Our services include obtaining company information, verifying backgrounds and financial data, and analyzing ownership structures.

By entrusting us with the task, we guarantee that you will have access to all essential information necessary to assist you in making informed business decisions and selecting the right business partners.

Through our reports and analyses, we support your business success and ensure that every relationship and partner meets expectations, preventing the mistake of entering into contracts with strawmen or fraudulent businesses.

Only work with reliable business partners!

The process of selecting a business partner consists of several steps ensuring that the selected party fully meets the company’s expectations and goals.

The following aspects are of paramount importance in checking the reliability of business partners:

  • Checking business partner references,
  • Financial scrutiny,
  • Compliance with regulations,
  • Verification of GDPR and other data protection regulations compliance.

Checking business partner references is one of the most crucial steps in establishing relationships between companies. This process helps ensure that potential partners are reliable, professionally competent, and have achieved positive results in their previous collaborations.

Financial scrutiny is one of the most critical steps in checking business partners. During this process, our experts thoroughly examine the liquidity and solvency of the business partner to ensure they are capable of financial performance.

During the checking of business partners and relationships, the examination of the debt portfolio is also conducted. If a company is struggling with financial difficulties or has accumulated significant debt, it poses a significant risk if cooperation occurs. Examining these elements before signing a contract has mandatory significance.

The financial analysis of a given company can lead to conclusions that can likely determine the future performance of the business partner, allowing you to make decisions regarding whether to contract with them.


We help you avoid collaboration with strawmen engaged in illegal activities!


The term “strawman” refers to a person or entity that makes decisions on behalf of or in the interest of another person, hiding the true identity of the interested party.

The person referred to as a strawman may nominally own or control a business enterprise or participate in a transaction while the true owner or controlling person remains hidden in the background.

The real interested party often uses a strawman to avoid responsibility for business decisions, transactions, taxation, legal obligations, or other regulations.

Collaboration with such a person poses significant risks to companies. Therefore, detecting strawmen is a key task for every business leader to minimize financial and business risks.

Methods for detecting strawmen include, among others:

  • Reviewing public and private databases, such as company registers and commercial records, and examining credit rating agency data and blacklists.
  • Verification of references provided by the company.
  • Establishing contact with the company’s previous or current business partners.
  • Studying media appearances related to the company.

Detecting strawmen requires a thorough and detailed examination, which should be approached from multiple perspectives. The combined application of the above methods can help identify unreliable business partners, but for certainty, it is advisable to rely solely on professionals.

Our expert team is at your disposal with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge to ensure that your business only establishes partnerships that guarantee the success and long-term stability of your enterprise.

Establish long-term, completely honest partner relationships!

During business operations, it is worth concentrating on establishing long-term business relationships, as they offer numerous advantages.

Among the benefits of long-term collaboration between business partners is the strengthening of trust over time as the parties get to know each other better.

Long-term business relationships provide stability and predictability for both parties, facilitating communication, planning, and strategic decision-making. Shared interests and goals promote innovation and joint development projects beneficial to both parties.

Searching for and selecting new partners is a costly and time-consuming process that requires significant attention and energy from executives. However, when both parties commit to a long-term relationship, management can save the financial resources allocated to researching, selecting, and examining business partners.

Our expert team provides professional assistance in checking business partners and relationships and detecting strawmen. With our work, we provide all the support needed to ensure that you can only collaborate with reliable individuals and establish profitable business relationships in the long term.