Our company provides high-level professional assistance in solving issues related to debt management and accounts receivable. We undertake the comprehensive mapping of the debtor with expert analysis of open databases and, if necessary, we also supplement our debt management work with private investigative activities.

To close the case as soon as possible, we set up a group of specialists, where each participant strives for the fastest and most efficient solutions. If payment is not made at this stage, we begin our offensive steps related to debt collection.

What exactly the client can expect, how debt management takes place, and what possible solutions might be, are detailed below.


The aim of debt management is to prevent financial problems


 In business life, numerous contracts are concluded that result in one party having a legitimate claim against the other.

Typically, this occurs when two or more individuals enter into an installment agreement, loan agreement, purchase, or gift contract with each other, or participate in probate proceedings. In sensitive, more complex cases, it happens that the debt is not settled, or if real estate is also involved, it is not transferred under the conditions agreed with the client.

During our work, we involve a team of professional experts to track the activities of corporate and retail clients step by step. We monitor the deadlines set in the contract and whether the payment transactions related to the settlement of invoices are fulfilled in the manner and time specified in the agreement.

Meanwhile, we continuously examine and analyze the data available to us in order to successfully prevent serious financial problems.

debt collection

Private Investigation and Debt Collection for Situation Management

The debt management process does not end here, as in many cases it needs to be supplemented with private investigative activities.

In the case of long-standing debts, the involvement of a legal representative and a debt manager with sufficient experience is essential for negotiations with clients, and we also take the appropriate private investigative steps for the case.

We go to the scene to collect data there and observe the target individuals. Based on the events that took place there, we record the results and observations in a protocol, the content of which we of course also present to the client.

During joint consultations, we report on developments, provide an assessment of the situation that corresponds to reality, and provide comprehensive information about further steps.

If our experts deem it necessary to find additional data or individuals, the investigative and surveillance work continues.

The team works until we have all the important information and documents that can be used effectively in debt management.

Experience shows that a significant part of the cases is resolved after this stage.

If the debt management procedure is delayed for some reason and the debt is not paid, a more complex, stronger series of steps begin, within which we strive to increase the willingness to pay with lawful influence in accordance with the regulations.

Our work lasts until the debt is settled and the situation is legally closed.

We accompany the debt management and collection process from the beginning to the end, providing the most optimal solutions at every stage. We pay attention to react quickly and always use legally sound and professional tools and techniques appropriate to the given circumstances and situation. We strive to advance the process at every stage of our work and achieve the set results. Meanwhile, of course, our clients are constantly informed about developments, steps taken, and results achieved, as we know how important it is to be informed about the current status of the case.

With our expert help, you will not only see but also understand what is happening and why, so you can also be part of the process.

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